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Volunteer Fire Departments Work to Reach Next Generation (532)

(NewsUSA) - Volunteers make up more than two-thirds of the nation's fire service and protect their communities from a wide range of emergencies. Yet many fire departments are having difficulty ...

Lady Gaga Stars in New PSA to Support Education and Inspire Positive Classrooms (371)

(NewsUSA) - Students today face not only academic challenges, but also the emotional challenges of stress brought on by negative classroom environments, according to data from a recent survey by the ...

Fire Departments Look to Community for Volunteers (523)

(NewsUSA) - Fire departments across the country rely on the service of dedicated volunteers, but department membership rosters may not always reflect the demographics of the communities they ...

Two Decades Strong—Family Place Libraries Celebrate A Milestone (541)

(NewsUSA) - Libraries are no longer just spaces filled with books and movies to borrow. They are places of wonder and imagination and, if they happen to be affiliated with Family Place Libraries ...

Vets Can Make A Difference Through Volunteer Firefighting (495)

(NewsUSA) - Patriotism is in the air during the summer months. It starts with Memorial Day and flows into July 4th. But it's not just about fireworks, cookouts and parades.The heart of patriotism is ...

Forget Politics! Together We Can Save Our Climate!

Forget Politics! Together We Can Save Our Climate! (330)

(NewsUSA) - One day before President Donald Trump announced his decision to pull the USA out of the Paris Agreement, Climeworks, an innovative Swiss startup, launched the world's first commercial ...

Hunger Still Has Hold on America Despite Economic Improvement (450)

(NewsUSA) - While America may not appear to have the kind of hunger that is pervasive in other countries, that's not to say it doesn't exist.Hunger remains a concern for millions of Americans, and ...

Online Retailer Celebrates 50 Amazing Teachers (407)

(NewsUSA) -Education is a cornerstone of our culture and society. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there are more than four million teachers in the United States. Every ...

Electric Shock Drowning -- The Hidden Danger to Swimmers And Boaters

Electric Shock Drowning -- The Hidden Danger to Swimmers And Boaters (421)

(NewsUSA) - Before you spend your day at the lake or beach, know that the water may have hidden dangers. Faulty wiring or damaged electrical cords used in docks and boats can cause nearby water to ...

Seniors Find That Doing Good Is Good For You

Seniors Find That Doing Good Is Good For You (366)

(NewsUSA) - There are two things that older adults have in spades these days: time and knowledge. And both make them the perfect match for volunteering. By giving back as little as two hours a week, ...

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