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What is NewsUSA?

NewsUSA is a media placement company that was established by Rick Smith in 1987. For 20 years, we have guaranteed media coverage for our clients and have served more than 3,000 companies in a variety of industries such as public relations, communications, health care, nonprofit, federal & local government, automotive, health & beauty and more. We guarantee article placement in newspapers and radio stations nationwide.

NewsUSA’s headquarters are located near Washington, D.C., with offices throughout the United States.

Who uses NewsUSA?

NewsUSA has worked with more than 3,000 national clients including, Hallmark, AAA, Dole and the Environmental Protection Agency. See a partial of clients that have benefitted from our media placement and public relations service.

How do you differ from PR firms?

NewsUSA is the secret weapon used by the top PR pros to guarantee media placements. We specialize 100% in story creation, placement and proof of placement.At NewsUSA, we send out a finished product – actual editorial features that the newspapers use free of charge. Editors usually run our features unedited.

How is NewsUSA unique?

  • We have 20 years of operation under the same management and ownership
  • Our clients speak directly with our editors
  • Our clients have the ability to track newspaper clips in real-time and around the clock on our web site
  • Our features are written in Associated Press (AP) style and adhere to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices
  • We guarantee the performance of our features unconditionally
  • Our guarantee is backed by physical proof


What is a feature story?

A NewsUSA feature is a consumer news story written about your product or service in a way that both advertises your business and provides valuable information to the public. A NewsUSA feature story is NOT pure advertising as it is presented in a journalistic format that is considered more credible to the reader.

What type of feature stories are available?

One-column feature: 150-200 words
Two-column feature: 350 words with a photo; 400 words without a photo
Three-column feature: 450-500 words with a photo; 550-600 words without a photo

What is a byline feature?

In a byline feature (i.e. Ann Landers) you act as a spokesperson and our editors ghost write the feature. You bring the expertise and personality to the feature, while NewsUSA brings quality feature-writing and media placement skills.

What is an evergreen feature?

Evergreen features have a year round life span. By avoiding reference to dates and specific events, using broad product references and consistent contact information, you get the maximum lifespan for your feature and the best use of your campaign budget.

What is a seasonal/timely feature?

Timely features are articles that are related to a specific event or period, such as a holiday, season or special awareness month. Newspaper editors rely on our seasonal features to enhance their special sections throughout the year.

Which of your features are the most successful?

Our most successful features

  • have a national focus
  • are tips-oriented or have a human-interest angle
  • are not overly commercial
  • are written about popular topics (health, auto, home improvement, for example)

What is Social Syndication?

Social syndication is the integration of social media relations into your media placement program.

Social syndication includes:

  • Long-term development of editorial calendars, built around topics proven to resonate in social channels
  • Consistent distribution of content to an unprecedented 30+ social destinations
  • Constant reporting on key metrics ranging from Ad Value Equivalency (AEV) to Reach

All media placement packages offered by NewsUSA contain a social component, with most including the creation and distribution of one social syndication story each month.


Can we test your service?

The best test of our service is to run an initial campaign of four to twelve features written from varying editorial angles. This will enable you to see the impact that our media placements can have on your company.

If you are just looking to dip your toe in the water, we also offer a starter social syndication program, which involves the creation and distribution of 3 social stories.

What does your media placement service cost?

Cost is based on the size of your campaign.

Request information about our media placement rates online or by contacting NewsUSA directly at (800) 355-9500.

Can I run multiple articles discussing one product or service from a different point of view?

Yes. In fact, campaigns consisting of various feature angles perform much better than single features.


How can you guarantee media placements?

We distribute to 10,250 newspapers, fulfilling their need for editorial content. Our features cover topics that editors want, in the style they require, and are delivered in convenient formats including a bi-weekly, camera-ready tabloid, on CD-ROM, via e-mail and on our web site.

How many newspapers do you cover?

We cover 10,250 newspapers in the United States. Circulations range from 1,000 to 1 million readers, with an average circulation of around 22,000.

In what newspapers can I expect the feature to be placed?

Your features are placed at the discretion of the newspaper’s editors. However, we have a track record of successfully placing clients in major daily newspapers and upscale suburban newspapers nationwide such as The San Francisco Chronicle, The Miami Herald and The Buffalo News.

What objectives will social syndication help me achieve?

Integration of social syndication into your media placement program will help you significantly expand the reach of your story. In fact, it's not uncommon for clients of NewsUSA to achieve a total reach of more than 200 million readers per story after social syndication services have been integrated into their program.

Our social syndication team will even help you meet your most targeted PR objectives, with services including:

How long will it take before I will begin to see results?

Typically, it will take eight to 12 weeks from the print distribution date to start seeing many of our clips. Why? After your feature is distributed, we need to allow time for editors to use the feature and then for us to get the clips back.

Why Do I Need NewsUSA? Couldn’t we do what you do ourselves?

NewsUSA saves you time and money and GUARANTEES results. If you fail to get media placements, you don’t have our guarantee to rely on. We have 20 plus years of successful campaigns. Why do it yourself? We have already done the work for you. By tapping into our network of media outlets you are guaranteed results that save you time and resources in the long run.

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