Eco-Friendly Wildfire Solutions

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(NewsUSA) - Only you can prevent wildfires. But, once they start, it's nearly impossible to stop them.

Wildfires often occur naturally in the U.S. In ecosystems adapted to regular wildfires, fires encourage new vegetation to grow, and certain plant species only reproduce after fires. But as much as forest fires are needed, they are also equally unwanted around people. So, what is the best way to contain wildfires? The answer might be a new system called FireSafe.

As people move into fire-prone areas, wildfires devastate families and cause billions of dollars in damage. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, wildfires consumed over 9.3 million acres in 2007. However, wildfire damage doesn't end with flames and heat. Wildfires cause erosion, which can lead to landslides. As trees burn, carbon dioxide enters the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

Small, prescribed fires keep ecosystems healthy. Large-scale fires destroy them. Firefighters need to contain wildfires before they are able to cause widespread damage. But not all firefighting technologies prove equally effective. Heat can evaporate water before it hampers large fires, and fires can jump trenches.

New technologies might help contain forest fires. One company, Power of the Dream Ventures (, a premier Hungarian-based technology developer, has developed FireSafe, a liquid firefighting solution that both prevents and extinguishes wildfires.

If a wildfire breaks out, firefighters can apply FireSafe around the perimeter. When exposed to heat, FireSafe crystallizes into a hard surface. Fires cannot penetrate FireSafe's shell, so they cannot spread. FireSafe fireproofs objects up to 2,012 degrees Fahrenheit, enough to stop wildfires.

The benefits of FireSafe go beyond safety. It will biodegrade after four months, making it an eco-friendly system. Also, during the sweltering summer months of drought, when fires most often erupt, America's need to conserve water increases. FireSafe could limit both fire damage and water use.

Interested homeowners need to pressure their state and federal governments to pursue this new, potentially life-, house- and Earth-saving technology. For more information, visit Power of the Dream trades under the symbol PWRV on the OTCBB exchange.

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Eco-Friendly Wildfire Solutions

New technologies could contain wildfires without using excess water or causing ecological damage.

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Article Date: April 28, 2008

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