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Kick Off Your College Financial Aid Game This Fall (484)

(NewsUSA) - Fall is here, and high school seniors (and their parents) are in the thick of the college application process.But these days, the cost of tuition can seem daunting: 85 percent of parents ...

Knowing If It's Alzheimer's Or Just Typical Age-Related Changes (580)

(NewsUSA) - Maybe your mom forgot where she parked her car. Or maybe you had to resort to describing "the thing that gets the creases out of clothes" to a salesperson because you couldn't ...

Yes, There May Be A Positive to Come Out of the Student Debt Crisis (611)

(NewsUSA) - Are all those stories about crippling student debt having an effect on college campuses? Just ask post-Millennials now trying - albeit not always successfully - to avoid being saddled ...

Don't Miss These Signs of School Bullying (436)

(NewsUSA) - The start of the new school year should be a positive and exciting time for children, but for many it also means a return to being bullied, and the physical and mental health consequences ...

Barnes & Noble Stores Reach One Millionth Storytime for Kids (521)

(NewsUSA) - The time-honored tradition of read-aloud storytelling to educate, entertain, and engage children is nearing a milestone.Barnes & Noble, the country's largest retail bookseller, is ...

Technician Education Can Fuel Financial Success (673)

(NewsUSA) - It doesn't take a college degree to understand that a four-year education may not be the end-all and be-all it once was, according to a new survey of U.S. high school students. With ...

New App Makes it Easier to Raise Funds for Your School (527)

(NewsUSA) - Gearing up for back-to-school season is no longer just about new backpacks, teacher assignments and school supply lists. For schools, summer is also a reminder that they have their work ...

Eighty-Eight Percent of Teachers Seek Book Discounts and More (516)

(NewsUSA) - It's undeniable that teachers are considered to be some of the most significant and respected people in our lives. In fact, about 80 percent of Americans feel strongly so, according to ...

The Best-Kept Secret: 529 Education Savings Plans (591)

(NewsUSA) - What you don't know really can hurt you when it comes to paying for your child's college education.Yes, we're talking 529 plans. They've been around since 1996 - longer than most ...

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