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Social Syndication: Content Creation for Crisis Communication

A fine line exists between a well-honed, well received Public Relations (PR) campaign - and a campaign that inadvertently draws a negative response from a powerful, vocal minority.

While a brand reputation program represents an excellent long term strategy for companies seeking to repair their image online, those managing their way through a PR crisis often do not possess this luxury of time. Fortunately, the Social Syndication and PR experts at NewsUSA are skilled in both the art and science of effective crisis communication.

As part of our crisis communication services, social syndication and PR experts help you develop articles containing on-point, response driven messaging that adheres to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices. This means that the content your company publishes to answer any crisis has the greatest potential to:

  • Rank highly in major search engines
  • Receive exposure to 30 million journalists, bloggers and customers
  • Contain and help lessen the potential negative fallout

Each copyright free story we publish on your behalf is distributed to more than 30 social destinations. Combined, these destinations make up the social channel most willing - and most able - to communicate your crisis response in a way that helps its reach expand exponentially.

Quickly communicate the messaging necessary to overcome any public relations crisis on the largest possible scale. Contact NewsUSA today for a free social syndication consultation.

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