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Our Value: Media Placement Packages

Do you need more coverage in traditional media channels, a jump start to your social media coverage, or both? With media placement and social syndication packages from NewsUSA, you are guaranteed to catapult your story reach.

Our content development team creates copyright free stories that adhere to AP (Associated Press) guidelines - and average 648 placements and 57 million readers per article. And because print is just one part of the equation, our social syndication team ensures your feature is built according to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) best practices - before putting your story in front of an unprecedented 30 million online journalists, bloggers and consumers.

Our media placement packages include:

  • 12 Social and 4 Print Placements
    By far our most lucrative package, our 12 and 4 program guarantees you receive both consistent and targeted coverage throughout the year. Social stories will be distributed once per month, while four print stories will be placed whenever you most need the exposure.
  • 6 Social and 2 Print Placements
    A scaled back version of our 12 and 4 program, this package guarantees you receive the same yearly consistency and targeted coverage, via six social and two print stories.
  • 3 Social Placements
    Just want to dip your toe in the water? Sign up for three social placements, and experience the unprecedented reach of social syndication.
  • We can also customize programs and offer rates that are built around your specific needs and public relations objectives.

    Request information about our media placement rates online or by contacting NewsUSA directly at (800) 355-9500.

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