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Social Syndication: Brand Reputation Management & Search Engine Suppression

Negative stories about your company, whether true or not, can rise to the top of the search rankings and stain your company's reputation.

Brand reputation management and search engine suppression initiatives are designed to push these potentially libelous pieces out of search engine sight, and out of your audience's mind. Of course, to be effective, a brand reputation program must by rooted in the development of content strong enough to rise to the top of search results. This is where Social Syndication services from NewsUSA enter the mix.

NewsUSA's social syndication team works with you to create multiple copyright free articles that position your company in a positive light. And because these articles are created in adherence with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices, they can quickly:

  • Rise to the top of search results, pushing negative content down along the way
  • Land in front of more than 30 million journalists, bloggers and customers
  • Begin to repair even the most tarnished brand image

Every copyright free article we create on your behalf is distributed to more than 30 social destinations. And because every piece of content we write is pre-optimized for search, each and every pickup will boost your SEO, and help to further improve your online reputation.

Ensure only the most positive mentions of your brand rise to the top of the search rankings. Contact NewsUSA today for a free social syndication consultation.

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