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Social Syndication: Creating Content to Improve SEO

Building Internet exposure depends, first and foremost, on creating the type of content that can be found online.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a discipline rooted in the creation of content - integrated with the very phrases for which you want to be found - that can be easily crawled by search engines. As such, SEO best practices are the principles that likely guide the creation of most content you read online. And it is these same SEO best practices that guide the copyright free content created by the Social Syndication experts at NewsUSA.

By adhering to SEO best practices, NewsUSA's social syndication and public relations experts help boost the SEO results of your stories, ensuring they:

  • Rank highly in major search engines
  • Receive exposure to more than 30 million journalists, bloggers and customers
  • Drive traffic back to your website, via strategic hyperlinks sprinkled throughout

With social syndication from NewsUSA, you can expect the copyright free stories we create on your behalf to be distributed to more than 30 social destinations. And because your story arrives at each destination pre-optimized for search, each and every pickup will further boost your SEO.

Build the online exposure you need to achieve your business and public relations objectives. Contact NewsUSA today for a free social syndication consultation.

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