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TrackItMedia Tracking & Monitoring

TrackIt NewsUSA's innovative media tracking solution

There are more opportunities to share your brand's story now than ever before. For PR and Marketing professionals, this can be a blessing and a curse. While new communication channels and avenues pop-up every day, the task of tracking and monitoring your media coverage seems to require a significant budget and a 24 hour work day.

As leaders in securing online, print, radio and social placement, NewsUSA found existing media monitoring solutions inadequate and needed to find a more efficient way to help its clients monitor their coverage. Out of that need, TrackIt was born.

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TrackIt isn't like traditional media tracking and monitoring services. Here are just a few issues you WON'T encounter with TrackIt:

Keyword Research

No keywords are required with TrackIt. Developing the right keyword string sometimes requires a PhD in Mathematics (e.g. "Brand Name" AND "Product Y" OR "Product Z" AND "Event A" NOT "Product X"). So if you have spent years mastering Boolean logic, it's time for you to get some well needed rest.

Clipping Fees

Getting a lot of media coverage often means getting hefty "clipping fees" from other media tracking services. TrackIt doesn't penalize you for your success. NewsUSA has established flat fees so you can establish an actual monitoring budget to forecast. A novel idea, isn't it?

Hours of Training

TrackIt comes with a dedicated support team, ready to train and assist you in your media tracking efforts. The truth is, you won't need much training and you will likely forget the support number within a month. The service was designed for busy PR and Marketing professionals, so an intuitive and efficient platform was a must.

Now that you know what you won't encounter with TrackIt, here's what you WILL discover:

Time Savings

You enter a URL of a story and TrackIt automatically searches to find similar content. While you're moving on to your next project, TrackIt is gathering and organizing your media coverage.

Cost Savings

Media monitoring doesn't need to be a leading expense in your annual budget. TrackIt offers low, flat rates custom for your media tracking needs.


TrackIt is one of many industry leading services from NewsUSA. So whether you need to talk strategy about your media tracking initiatives or you want to learn about proven approaches to securing media coverage, a dedicated NewsUSA representative is ready to help.

Learn more about how TrackIt can help you track your media coverage by scheduling a demonstration today.

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