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Instagram Amplification

Give your story “legs” on Instagram

Amplify With Instagram

NewsUSA’s business relationships with 17,000+ of popular Instagram influencers enable us to amplify your content to relevant audiences on this popular social media channel. 

We create content specifically for Instagram, including a short social media post, graphic and/or video (if you have one to provide) based on your mat release, and send it to our network of Instagram influencers. Then, they can opt-in to share it. 

In this way, your content and your story is shared by Instagram influencers who believe it to be relevant to their feed and their audience. So while beauty bloggers may not promote your home improvement or financial planning story, Instagram influencers in that relevant space will. In this way, the posting is self-curated, shared with targeted audiences, and benefiting from the credibility of the Instagram influencer.

Boost the reach and impact of your mat release with Instagram amplification.

What We Guarantee

10,000 engagements

Average of 10,000 engagements with the post (shares, likes, comments, views, etc.)

All-Inclusive Price Gets You

  • Content creation of the Instagram post by our professional digital content writers
  • Distribution to our business network of Instagram Influencers, who then opt-in to share (for a fee) our suggested posts
  • Detailed report of shares, engagements and audience reached

Contact NewsUSA to discuss pricing, seasonal specials and series bundle discounts. 

Not sure when to run your Instagram influencer campaign? Take advantage of awareness months and other seasonal opportunities.

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