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How great would it be to show 2,000+ media hits to your marketing team or clients? 

Content syndication with NewsUSA can make that happen.

 Here’s how:

·      Collaborate with NewsUSA to develop a sponsored feature news story or listicle based on your key messages. We brainstorm story angles to engage consumers, then draft the story for your review.  You have approval over the article content, its headline, hyperlinks, etc. We make sure article blends in seamlessly with the news sites in our network.

·      Run the story on the 2,000+ news sites in our syndicate including national and regional newspapers, small-town dailies, local television and radio news affiliates, college newspapers and more. Placement is guaranteed on the media outlets in our syndicate, including:

Here’s why:

·      Tell your story directly to consumers on the news sites they read and trust.  Expand your campaigns with multiple “story angles” crafted with relevant, engaging content to educate and activate consumers.

·      Have 2,000+ clips to show off. Our reports include screengrabs of each story, as well as hyperlinks, so it’s easy to share them with your marketing team… your clients…your customers… your sales team…your employees…

·      Control the message and the timing of when your story runs on our syndicate.

·      Take advantage of strategic thought leadership opportunities to run by-lined articles from your C-suite, broadening visibility and building trust.

·      Guarantee placement of your story on 2,000 news sites across the country. We are so confident in our syndicate that if we don’t hit that target, we’ll run another story for you for free.

    Got “use or lose” money in your 2021 budget? We can quickly turn a story around for you and get it out. Or, pre-pay for syndicated stories in 2022.  

    Take advantage of our series bundle discounts, our Preferred Partner Agency pricing and our new video streaming opportunities. See what sets us apart.

    Give us the chance to send over pricing and a proposal to show how content syndication with NewsUSA can boost your PR and marketing campaigns, expand reach and drive consumer engagement. Schedule a 15 minute consultation for a proposal and pricing customized to your needs.

    The NewsUSA Guarantee: If you don’t receive at least 2,000 media placements of your story then we’ll run another for you for free.

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